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    Classes, Events & Inspiration

     We offer a variety of jewelry making classes each week. Be inspired by our precious gemstones and learn how to turn them into wearable art. We have classes ranging from the basics of bead stringing and wire working to more complex macrame and silk knotting techniques. Check on our online calendar for all class listings.

    New Mini Clinic
    If you are interested in learning specific jewelry techniques, but don't have time to sit in for a 90-minute class, then consider our new 20-minute lessons for $15. These quick lessons are more technique-oriented and less project-detailed. Check our schedule online to learn more and register for classes!

    Come Shop Fairfield's New Gemstone Case
    Fairfield has a brand new case to better to display all of your favorite gemstones. Come see the sparkling variety of gemstones from Topaz to Turquoise, Amethyst to Amazonite and everything in between. We have an array of gemstone cuts to inspire you for your next jewelry design. 

    Be Sweet to Yourself on Valentine's Weekend
    Some of us have a Significant Other who has planned the romantic weekend of our dreams. The rest of us need to be sweet to ourselves. Beadworks has lots of zero-calorie self-indulgence and for Valentine's, we're offering free 15min design consultations to help you create a showpiece. Please call to RSVP and reserve your time in either Fairfield or Norwalk.

    February Sale!
    February babies rejoice, your birthday month is here and so is a sale on your birthstone Amethyst! All Amethyst strands, whether green, pink or purple is 30% off.  The name Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word "a" (not) and "methystos" (intoxicated). The belief was that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. So buy some Amethyst and have a toast to our February sale!

    Mommy/Daddy day out with the kiddos!
    Can't think of something to do this weekend with the kids? Bring them into Beadworks and help them make something they can wear and have fun while you do it! It's seriously as easy as 1-2-3! First, have your lil' designer choose some beads and elastic. Second, string the colorful beads onto a desired cut length of elastic. And last, tie a knot and add a dab of glue to secure it.Our associates are there to help you any step of the way! Simple to do and a will be a fun memory with the kiddos!